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Diamond grinding wheel deviation How to Trim
2013-04-22 by seoer3
Tell you several dressing diamond wheel coup
(1) rolling of wheel dressing
The rolling method Dressing diamond grinding wheel, the grinding wheel is driven by the deceleration rate of 1 ~ 2m / s rolling wheel (metal, carbide or an abrasive made of) rotation.
Rolling wheel and the wheel is approximately 3 to 5 MPa pressure, the crushed diamond abrasive grains of the grinding wheel surface or so that the abrasive grains fall off. The rolling method of dressing the grinding wheel cutting performance, abrasives, but by grinding the workpiece surface roughness coarser rolling wheel wear, short life, easy loss of accuracy. This trimming method is mainly used in small quantities, less precision form grinding.
Dressing grinding wheel hardness uniformity is better, otherwise the wheel will produce local shape distortion.
 (2) diamond pen wheel dressing
Different according to the size of the diamond particles and their distribution in the pen, diamond pen is divided into several of the chain, layered, row-like powder. Days with strong bonding force of the alloy as binder, to use the diamond wheels particles easy to fall off, until there are no half-grinding
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