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Pneumatic tools commonly used - torque units
2013-05-06 by seoer3
Torque in physics is the size of the torque is equal to the product of force and lever arm, the International System of Units Nm Nm kgm, lb-ft of torque in addition, you can also see when g = 9.8, G = mg , a weight of 1 kg of 9.8N, so 1kgm = 9.8 lb-ft lb-ft torque units Inch 1lb = 0.4536kg; 1 ft = 0.3048 m, can be calculated 1lb-ft = 0.13826kgm. In people's daily expression, torque is often referred to as torque Torque: physics terms. Objects torsional deformation force. The material to generate the force applied when the torsional deformation, the unit N ? m. Measured torsional rigidity or torsional modulus of the material mechanical quantity, in order to reverse the way of measuring dynamic mechanical performance, are required to exert torque on the specimen. Particularly on the dynamic mechanical measuring instruments, relatively easy to achieve free oscillation or forced oscillation torque applied form, so the use of a relatively wide range. Such as torsion pendulum analyzer, torsional braid analyzer, a rotational rheometer the sample are applied torque abrasive cloth belt . The so-called "torque" is an object by axial-torsional force and reaction, commonly used torque wrench to measure, the unit is N ? m. Common objects by Torque role, screw nut drive shaft and so on non woven abrasive .
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