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Wheel types and performance
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   (A), before
Grinding wheel is the most important one class of abrasive. The abrasive wheel is a binding agent is added, the compacts,
Drying and calcining the porous body made​​. As abrasives, binders and manufacturing process is different, the wheel characteristics vary greatly, so the grinding machining quality, productivity and economy have a significant impact. Mainly by the characteristics of grinding abrasive particle size, binder, hardness, structure, shape and size and other factors.
(Two), wheel classification
Wheel variety, according to the abrasive can be divided into ordinary abrasive (corundum (Al2O3) and silicon carbide, etc.)
Grinding wheels and superabrasive (diamond and cubic boron nitride)  grinding wheel ; wheel shape can be divided according to level grinding wheels,
Bevel wheel, cylindrical grinding wheels, cup wheels, disc wheel, etc.; binding agents can be classified according to the ceramic grinding wheel,
Resin grinding wheel, rubber wheel, metal grinding wheel.
(Three), wheel properties
Wheel is made ​​of abrasives and binders central circular hole abrasive.
     Characteristics of the abrasive wheel, grain size, hardness, binders, shape, and size and other factors to determine,
Respectively, are presented below.
1, abrasives and selection
Abrasive wheel is the main raw material manufacturing, it bears a cutting work. Therefore, the abrasive must be sharp,
And have a high hardness, good heat resistance and a toughness.

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