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Wheel features
2013-07-24 by seoer3

Resistance and grinding wheel life, depending on the binder, abrasive particle size, concentration and porosity of aggregate conditions. The combination of binders degree if you change, you can increase wheel life. Conversely if the degree of binding of binding agent to soften, since the porosity is increased, increase of grinding. Moreover if concentration increase, you can increase the life of grinding wheel.
CBN  grinding wheel , you can repair the machine with rotary knife sharp while doing fixes and repair work, so processing can be automated.
CNB (boron nitride) grinding wheels available Rotary Dressers membership by changing the correction and sharpening abrasive conditions to adjust the cutting blade, control the machining surface roughness processing
Since using a rotary diamond wheel to make fixes and repair knife sharpening action would be difficult, so the table machined workpiece roughness must rely on the use of abrasive particle size may be

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