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wheel in use ten notes
2013-08-06 by seoer3
 Wheel Caution:
A  grinding wheel  should be checked before installing the fan, to see whether there are cracks and percussion hammer with a wooden wheel and listen to whether there were unusual voiceless, and if so, the cooling fan can not be used in order to avoid the consequences of injuries caused by broken wheel.
2 newly installed or every other day using wheel, you should use idle more than a minute and then, if everything is normal, you can follow the grinding machinery related to safety regulations.
3 due to wheel brittle and fragile, do not let by the impact, collision, but can not fall. Storage should be frost, moisture, keeping cool and ventilated room, placed flat, stacked neatly against dust, remains unused wheel cleaner, non-stress.
4 wheel installation, you must find positive wheel center, but should be fastened with flange, flange mounted on the wheel should be checked after any discussion with the spindle concentric cylindrical grinding wheel with at least one side of the vertical centerline of the spindle.
5 After installing wheel, for safety reasons, do not pass protective cover must be installed properly, and then start the machine to use.
After doing the above steps, the wheel can be used. It should be noted when it is used:
1 wheel speed shall not exceed the safe operating speed.
(2) does not specifically use the wheel face work, do not work with grinding wheel face.
3 workpiece during grinding wheel, do not push the workpiece leveraged to increase the pressure on the wheel.
4 wheel dressing dressing tools should be used exclusively. Trimming, the operator must wear protective glasses.
5 In the grinding process, should be the correct selection of the coolant; coolant if not, there must be dust-proof devices.
6 Use the wheel customers, should be familiar with wheel installation, operation process.
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