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Resin wheel scrap reasons and measures
2013-08-08 by seoer3
1, the material does not match the size, hardness match. Measures: single-ingredient calculated strictly according to the ingredients, is a key program review;
 2, mixed. Before mixing with the mixing process, with tooling equipment into the cleanup. Ingredients, first check whether the impurities of various raw materials;
 3, mixing uneven. Mixing mixing time according to process requirements. Replace any worn parts too big blender. Powdered resin material according to process requirements and frequency of screening mesh number;
 4, tissue heterogeneity, uneven hardness imbalances. Adjust the mix dry humidity, it has good formability. Amortized according to process requirements for materials and scraper operation. First with horn according to process requirements, maintaining the accuracy of the press; when feeding material scraper unevenly spread, mixing humid, or material agglomerate, feeding inequality, die wear, leakage of material seriously, need to replace the mold;
 5, forming adobe cracks. Pressing temperature is too high, the product thermal shock, de-core when the temperature is too low, should be de-core type, raw material moisture deterioration, or with mixing errors;
5.1 end cracks. Molding material plasticity is poor, improper discharge mode to take blanks. Mold base plate is not parallel uneven or too large.
5.2 peripheral cracks. Badly worn die sets, die sets when unloading is too skewed.
5.3 aperture cracks. Blank low intensity, unloading mold too much vibration, wear too big or taper mandrel is too small, the order does not match the mold unloading process requirements.
5.4 pairs of corner cracks. Optional spring horn, leaving the mold deflection elastic compression produces inconsistent diagonal pattern. Fine abrasive Liaoduo suppress excessive speed, maintain the pressure a short time, the mold with the gap is too large.
5.5 crack precautions: Speed ​​is good plasticity mixture, forming tooling shall not exceed the prescribed wear standard templates and horn maintain good flatness, the choice of the thickness of the horn, spring horn elastic to be consistent, according to the process prescribed order unloading mode;
 6, the end faces are not parallel. Suppression of Taiwan to maintain the accuracy of the press, according to the technical regulations operation;
 7, uneven surface. Tooling equipment maintenance within the required accuracy;
 8, forming hardness match. Suppression of the first pieces will be seized, each consisting of not less than 30% of the sampling blanks, often check weighing unit weight, often observe whether the change in pressure;
 9, the bridge flute uneven. Cooling requiring uniform; workpiece surface "warping" There is no flat surface called a bridge shocked. This is due to uneven cooling contraction leaving parts of the plate is inconsistent or uneven loading furnace caused. More from thin sheets and fine-grained sand wheel products.  flap wheel flakes easily when the cooling too quickly produce bridge flute waste;
 10, blistering. Hardening curve by product specifications for controlling the temperature hardening of the mixing process with strict quality control; molding temperature is too high or too low, you need to adjust the temperature. Curing temperature, curing oven temperature is out of control. Binders mismatch; superhard abrasive localized deformation or the entire surface of the convex surface of the expansion, and was shiny resin, with some turtle-shaped cracks. Cause:
10.1 warming up too fast or temperature fluctuations, easy to make fine grain size, hardness, organizational tight parts blistering and swelling. Because this type of multi-dose combination product containing or porosity is small, if the temperature control is not exactly the heating rate is too fast, it will cause fierce response binding agent, the amount of volatiles surge adobe products leaving the internal gas pressure, blistering and swelling.
10.2 uneven mixing type material, the material has a binding agent pimple or contain more low boiling point solvent (such as ethanol, acetone).
10.3 mixing, molding process error caused by the parts combined dose increased, unit weight increases, the pressure increased and so on.
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