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Resin grinding wheel manufacturing process of introduction
2013-08-12 by seoer3
 Resin wheel with good elasticity of shock, shock, lateral pressure sensitivity of small advantages. The next Xiaobian to introduce resin wheel production mixing process. As follows:
First abrasive grain size is typically mixed for pre-mixing, and then adding the wetting agent, even after wetting the abrasive, and then has to be mixed with other particulate fillers good powdery resin is added, and mixing continued until homogeneous. Good to have a good mix of abrasive plasticity and mobility, material can not be too wet, or easy to agglomerate, but can not have the dough, while ensuring good liquidity to ensure adequate injection molding, commonly used screening approach remove lumps. Resins are generally considered to be a normal metabolite plant tissue or secretions, and volatile oil often exist in the plant secretory cells, resin ducts or conduits, especially perennial woody parts of the catheter heartwood. A mixture composed by a variety of ingredients, usually amorphous solid, surface slightly shiny, hard and brittle, a small number of semi-solid. Insoluble in water, nor swelling, soluble in alcohol, ether, chloroform, etc. Most organic solvents. Heated and softened, and finally melting, burning smoke, and have a special aroma or odor. Natural and synthetic resins into two categories.
The importance of resin grinding wheel manufacture one kind of demand for larger tool. It is the use of benzoic acid and polyamide, or other resin as a binder, by the diamond or cubic boron nitride abrasive glued with an inorganic filler made ​​of a tool. This tool is currently being effectively used in various grinding operations, such as surface grinding, cylindrical centerless grinding, grooving and internal grinding and so on. It is used for super alloys, cermets, ceramic products, glass products, limonite, high speed steel, alloy tool as well as many other new superhard materials ideal grinding tool.
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