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Electroplated diamond tool during use, due to the conditions of use, such as the size of the grinding force, the impact of the temperature rise, the workpiece and other reasons, will cause the separation phenomenon of the diamond-containing metal plating layer and the steel substrate, which is the coating off. The coating off generally partial loss, plating a one-time full-peeling rare phenomenon. In the actual use of the process, the coating off the case generally have the following three:

1) the coating off the surface of the base body: the diamond-containing metal plating layer and the metal substrate of the non-diamond coating and steel substrate at the same time separating.

Layer (2) falling to the coating of the metal substrate: that the metallic base coating and the steel substrate of the diamond-free unseparated, only the diamond-containing metal plating layer and the metal primer coatings peeling.grinding wheel

The diamond-containing metal plating layer (3) separated from the plating metal layered: a diamond-containing metal plating layer in contact with the workpiece during use, parts of the metal coating is not normal wear, and the non-normal shedding into a piece or powdered, diamond all off, but local granular shedding. This phenomenon is not easy to draw attention to the consequences of the products have shorter lifespans, often give people a false impression of poor gripping force or wear resistance of the coating metal. Exclude thicker coating charred and poor factors of the wear resistance of the coating metal, the tool during normal use, the diamond particles shedding visual representation of the surface of the abrasive tools continuously into a piece of the larger holes, it should be the shedding of such coating.

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Resin grinding wheel, grinding wheel is made of resin such as phenolic, epoxy, polyurethane, polyvinyl alcohol resin grinding wheel is a high strength, can be added to strengthen the fiber network and reinforced in the wheel, such as cutting discs, grinding large resin grinding wheel is not waterproof not use grinding fluid grinding, of course, some need to join the grinding fluid grinding resin grinding wheel, such as epoxy resin grinding wheel is a good finish, not easy to burn.grinding wheel
Resin grinding wheel abrasive points are generally divided into the of ordinary resin grinding wheel and the super-hard resin grinding wheel. Ordinary resin grinding wheel based on common abrasive the main grinding ingredients wheel, white corundum, corundum, silicon carbide and other superhard resin grinding wheel mainly grinding components based on the diamond or CBN grinding wheel.
Resin grinding wheel for grinding high-speed steel, tool and die steels and superalloys FtRC50 above, superalloys, stainless steel, cermet, ceramic products, glass products, limonite, high-speed steel, alloy tool, as well as many other new superhard materials ideal grinding tool.grinding disc
The diamond grinding wheel, the diamond abrasives as raw materials, respectively, with a metal powder, a resin powder, ceramic, and the plated metal as binder, made of a central circular through holes Bonded abrasive.
Diamond wheel grinding of carbide, glass, ceramics, precious stones and high hard and brittle material effects tools.
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