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Diamond grinding wheel by binding agents can be divided into: resin bond diamond wheel; vitrified diamond grinding wheel; metal bond diamond wheel (bronze bond diamond wheel)
Diamond grinding wheel according to the production process can be divided into: sintered diamond wheel (resin bond diamond wheel; vitrified diamond grinding wheel; metal bond diamond wheel); electroplated diamond grinding wheel; brazed diamond wheel.
Diamond grinding wheel can be divided according to: diamond with diamond grinding wheel; grinding carbide with diamond wheel (diamond cutter grinding wheel); PDC with diamond grinding wheel; coreless grinder with a diamond centerless  grinding wheel ; grinding ceramics with a diamond wheel; cutting diamond wheel (also known as diamond cutting discs); diamond saw.
Diamond grinding wheel by the appearance or shape can be divided into: Parallel grinding wheel; cylindrical grinding wheel; cup wheels; Wheel Bowl; disc wheel; grinding wheel; disc and so on.
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  Abrasive wheel is a combination of three parts agent and pores
 abrasives wheel constitute the main material, has high hardness, brittleness and thermal stability appropriate, in the grinding process of the workpiece from the cutting action; binding agent is the role of abrasive consolidation up to a certain shape of the and intensity of abrasive; pores are present in the grinding gap, grinding debris and heat capacity plays the role.
  Therefore, the choice can be separated from grinding wheel structure formed by the three elements of the basic characteristics of wheel, including the abrasive particle size, binder, hardness, structure, shape and size.
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