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Introduction to the CBN grinding wheel structure
2012-12-05 by seoer10

CBN wheel CBN abrasive materials, respectively with the metal powder, a resin powder, ceramic, and the plated metal as a binding agent, to prepare a variety of shaped articles, for grinding, polishing, grinding tool called CBN wheel.
CBN grinding wheel structure is generally composed of three parts by the working layer, substrate, buffer layer. Working layers, also known as the CBN layer, by the abrasive, the binding agent and the filler composition, the working portion of the abrasive. The transition layer is also known as non-CBN layer by the binding agent, a metal powder and a filler composition, is the portion of the CBN layer is firmly connected to the base body. The substrate is made from aluminum, steel, or bakelite processing, since the role of supporting the working layer and the loaded card abrasive.
About diamond grinding wheel
Wheel, also known as "Diamond hit the edge of the grinding wheel, 1A1 parallel ceramic diamond grinding wheel. Belonging to a vitrified bond diamondcutting wheel, diamond grinding wheel in Dongguan is widely used in the processing of diamonds, whose name is derived come.
Dongguan diamond wheel for natural diamond polished, it can replace the polycrystalline diamond (PDC), rough diamonds. Common feature of diamond and ceramic binders with ordinary corundum, silicon carbide abrasive than its grinding power, grinding temperature is relatively low, abrasive wear; Dongguan diamond grinding wheel can adapt to a variety of coolant role; grinding grindstone shape retention property is good, high precision grind the workpiece; larger pores within the abrasive grinding conducive chip removal and cooling, clogging, easy to burn the workpiece; grindstone better since sharp trimming interval for a long time, relatively easy trimming. Therefore, the increasing use of vitrified bonded diamond abrasive in some foreign countries.

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