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Force and temperature effects caused by a diamond saw blades frayed donated loss
2013-04-01 by seoer3

Force effects: In the sawing process, the saw blade by the axial force and tangential force. Since the role in the circumferential direction and the radial force exists, abrasive tools so that the saw blade in the axial smectic wavy, in the radial direction. Both deformation will result in the rock section is not straight, wasted stone sawing noise, cutting disc  vibration intensified, resulting in diamond caking early damage, lower the saw blade life.
Temperature effect: The traditional theory is that: the impact of temperature on the blade process mainly manifested in two aspects: First, the cause caking diamond graphite; caused by the diamond and carcass heat Woodland force and lead to premature loss of diamond particles . The new research shows that: the heat generated during the cutting process incoming caking. The arc zone temperature is not high, generally between 40 ~ 120 ℃. Abrasive grinding point temperature is high, generally between 250 ~ 700 ℃. The cooling liquid is only to reduce the average temperature of the arc area, the abrasive grain temperature was less affected. Such a temperature does not result in a graphite carbonized, but it will change in properties of the friction between the abrasive grains and the workpiece, the thermal stress occurs between the make diamond with additives, resulting diamond failure mechanism fundamental bending. The study showed that the temperature effect the greatest impact of the blade broken.

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