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Commonly used method in the grinding wheel thread following: ① wire wheel, vertical feed; ② gold wire wheel, vertical feed; (3) multi-line wheels, cut the feed. Three grinding characteristics are as follows:
A single line grinding wheel vertical feed grinding
This method is more convenient machine adjustment wheel dressing, small radial cutting force, the workpiece cooling conditions, high precision machining, grinding trapezoidal screw up to three (JB/T2886-1992) highest accuracy, surface roughness values 0.2-0.4 microns. Liter can grinding different thread angle, different teeth open a different aspect ratio of the workpiece, suitable for processing a variety of precision screw and ball screw, but productivity is lower than the multi-line grinding wheel, commonly used in the single-piece, small batch production.
2 multi-line grinding wheel vertical feed grinding
Also participate in cutting, due to the respective comb teeth of the cutting wheel and the grinding of the workpiece can be completed in a single pass, high production efficiency, but the the wheel dressing molding more difficult, and therefore a large pitch, helix angle of the thread and teeth the shaped high accuracy requirements threaded and should not be used, suitable for the a simple toothed grinding in mass production, lower precision threaded.
3 multi-line wheels cut feed grinding
This method is suitable for grinding pitch the small threaded liter angle, low accuracy and stubby threaded workpiece, and higher rigidity requirement of the the thread grinder's wheel spindle and workpiece clamping.

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Introduction: The ideal improved cost-effective way is: the core portion of the sheet wheel does not participate in the cutting action of the part with a low price and poor quality secondary abrasive instead give full play quality abrasives, cutting performance, lower manufacturing costs.

      The pros and cons of the sheet wheel performance depends primarily on the quality of the abrasive, abrasive wheel grade high performance in the more expensive price. Due to the depletion of the domestic high-grade bauxite resources, raw materials and coal price in mid-rise, coupled with energy conservation forced shut down in a large environment, corundum's prices are rapidly rising, from time to time but also in short supply. Rational use of abrasive, improve market competitiveness, grinding the enterprises most important technology considerations.

The best approach is the core portion of the sheet wheel does not participate in the part of the cutting action with a low price and poor quality secondary abrasive instead, fully play quality abrasives, cutting performance, lower manufacturing costs. This method has been commonly used in resin cutting wheel and large-diameter cylindrical grinding resin grinding wheel. Intermediate plus network, at the bottom, and the upper part to be separated from the feed, if the external and core Ministry also points Step cast material sheet wheel in the process to achieve it quite difficult, currently also can only look forward to, the future, if successful, cost reducing, profit improvement manufacture of sheet wheel is undoubtedly a far-reaching technological revolution.

Mill prices for strategy for various consumer groups, in accordance with the abrasive grade made from a variety of abrasive products, the best abrasive sheet wheel used in most need to avoid producing low-grade high-grade abrasive grinding wheel, as much as possible The best use of a great effort in improving the value of the premise, each grade products do "extreme".

Stable performance of high-grade sheet wheel, targeted, reproducible, commonly used in the production of a sand and special products even use zirconium corundum, calcined abrasive corundum and post-processing. Market dominated by imported products, the production of high sheet majority of the cost is not high, little discrimination, pertinence, still need further research and development efforts.

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