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Method of manufacturing of diamond tool
2012-12-16 by seoer10

Currently, the following four categories: film coated tools, thick-film diamond welding tool, diamond sintered body tool and single crystal abrasive tools diamond processing methods.
Film Coated Tools
Film coated tools is a good rigidity and high temperature characteristics the collective material deposited by chemical vapor deposition (CVD) diamond films made tool. Due to the coefficient of thermal expansion and the diamond near SiN4 based ceramics, WC + Co-based cemented carbide, and metal W, the thermal stress generated when the film formation is small, and therefore can be used as a substrate material of the blade body. WC + Co-based cemented carbide, the presence of the binder phase of Co easy to make the formation of graphite between the diamond film and the substrate and reduce adhesion strength, the need to be pretreated prior to deposition in order to eliminate the influence of CO (typically by acid corrosion go co) .
The chemical vapor deposition method is the use of a certain method of gas containing C source activated under low gas pressure, so that the carbon atoms deposited in a certain area, the carbon atoms in the condensed diamond phase is formed during the deposition process. Currently used for the deposition of diamond CVD method, mainly comprising: a microwave, hot filament, DC arc jet method.grinding disc
The advantages of the diamond film can be applied to a variety of complex geometry of the tool, such as blades with chips, end mills, reamers and drill; many non-metallic materials can be used to cutting, cutting, cutting force small, small deformation The steady work wear slow, not easily deformed workpiece applied to the workpiece material, tolerances finishing. The main drawback is that the adhesive force of the diamond film and the substrate is poor, the diamond film does not have a tool weight grindability.

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