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One hundred pieces of correct selection method
2013-05-22 by seoer3
file belt when buying what skills and methods do? Mastered the following points method, buy one hundred pieces will no longer be a difficult task.
1, listen to the voice of one hundred pieces, with wooden hammer quietly knocking one hundred tablets should not listen to sound hoarse voice phenomenon, Yasheng clarify one hundred pieces have been presented within the hairline cracks.
2, resins, rubber and magnesite separating agent one hundred tablets should be aware of their appearance marked the date of consumption, since these one hundred pieces easy to damp, cold, so the national standard rules such one hundred tablets storage period shall not exceed one years.
3, see the appearance ofDC wheel, check whether there are one hundred film appearance cracks, chipping and other damage as well as the hole inlay layer can exist scattered, Socket whether flat plane.
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