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Abrasive particle filtering techniques
2013-05-27 by seoer3
Abrasive abrasive hardness refers to the external force from the abrasive surface of the shedding of degree of difficulty, it reflects the strength of binding agent holding abrasive. Particle size of the abrasive particles is, the size of a particle numerals.
Particle size refers to the size of the abrasive particles. Grit and powder particle size is divided into two categories. For large particle size cylindrical abrasive grinding metal cutting wheel at 40μm, called grits. Classification by screening, grit to grit through the sieve perforations per inch length expressed as the number.
Abrasive particle size selection, mainly with surface roughness and productivity related. When using the coarse grinding, the grinding margin, the required surface roughness is large, coarse grains should be used. Because coarse grains, large pores, grinding depth can be largerDC wheel easy to plug and fever. Grinding, the margin is small, requires a lower roughness, fine grains can be selected. Generally speaking, the more fine abrasive, grinding surface roughness better.
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