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Making sense described resin grinding wheel
2013-07-29 by seoer3
For the wheel of such a material in our lives is also divided into many, but for what it has resin grinding wheel

What make sense? Generally resin  grinding wheel  made ​​more suitable for use phenolic resin can be, there are two kinds of phenolic resin

State, that powdered phenolic resin, and a liquid phenolic resin. A liquid phenolic resin in the production of grinding wheel as a wetting agent,

Wet abrasive used to complete the molding material blending, grinding wheels and the powdered resin as a binder, the amount of how much it final decision

Set the performance of the product. Resin grinding wheel while it uses calcium carbonate as a filler material in the resin grinding wheel is the role of: tune

Humidity of the whole forming material, thereby improving forming properties, improved abrasive strength, and absorb moisture, reduce foaming, cracks, and

Deformation and other waste.
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