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Contact the added gas laser cutting machine and cutting materials
2013-12-20 by seoer3
Laser cutting machine laser beam focused into a small spot with a minimum diameter , the focal point to achieve high power density. Then heat is far more than the input beam reflective material , or a conductive diffusion part , the  dc wheel material is heated to vaporization temperature rapidly evaporated to form holes . As the beam moves linearly relative to the material , so that holes are formed continuously through a narrow slit . Trimming hot little effect , basically no deformation of the workpiece .
Metal laser cutting machine process also add and cut material with suitable auxiliary gas . When starting a steel cutting oxygen as an auxiliary gas and molten metal to produce an exothermic chemical reaction of oxidation of the material , while helping blown away by cutting slits in the slag . Polypropylene plastic cutting a class using compressed air , flammable materials such as paper cutting use of inert gases. Cotton , but also the auxiliary gas into the cooling nozzle of the focus lens , the lens holder to prevent dust contamination of the lens into the lens and cause overheating . Most organic and inorganic substances can be cut with a laser . The thickness of the component in possession of heavy industrial manufacturing metal processing industry, many metal materials, no matter what kind of hardness , can be cut into shape without deformation ( currently the most advanced metal laser cutting machine can cut steel industry can already close to 20mm).
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