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Promote the development of tool system
2013-01-07 by seoer10

The tool system technology including clamping technology, digital control technology, the dynamic control technology, dynamic balancing technology. A large number of high-speed, high efficiency, the application of numerical control equipment and technology necessary to develop new shank and chuck as efficient, an important part of the development of sophisticated automation tool, such as HSK, ABS, BT.

The world-renowned fixture manufacturers and a higher degree of specialization of the cutting tool manufacturers launched a high-precision hydraulic chuck, the hot charge chuck, abrasive tools,triangular deformation chuck, built-in balancing mechanism shank, torque monitoring chuck and other new products, clamping high precision, precise positioning, transmission torque, good structural performance, small size, safe and reliable. The NC and technology trends flexible a higher level of intelligence, networking, advanced manufacturing technology, this is no doubt due to the intelligent processing technology will inevitably become the focus of future development of tool technology, and tool industry only to raise the overall own ability to innovate, to take up the responsibility of the revitalization of the tool industry.cutting wheel

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