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Can anyone tell me the production process of the wheel
2013-02-03 by seoer10
The wheel is the main abrasive grinding. The wheel is in the added binding agents, a porous body made by the green compacts, drying and firing the abrasive. Abrasive, bond and manufacturing processes, grinding wheel characteristics vary widely, so grinding machining quality, cutting wheel,productivity and economy. The characteristics of the grinding wheel is mainly determined by the abrasive strength, binding agents, hardness, organization, shape, and size and other factors.
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The grinding wheel wide variety. The ordinary abrasive (corundum and silicon carbide) Wheel and natural abrasive superhard abrasive (diamond and cubic grinding wheel used abrasive can be divided into
Boron nitride) grinding wheels; binder can be divided into ceramic grinding wheel, resin grinding wheel, rubber wheel, metal grinding wheel shape can be divided into level grinding wheels, bevel grinding wheel, cylindrical grinding wheel, cup wheel, disc wheel; . The characteristic parameter of the wheel main abrasive, viscosity, hardness,grinding wheel, binding agent, shape, size and so on. Due to the grinding wheel usually work at high speed, and thus should be carried out before use rotation test (to ensure that the wheel at the highest speed, not broken) and static balance test (to prevent work caused by machine vibration). Grinding wheel after working for a period of time should be trimmed in order to restore the grinding performance and correct geometry.
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