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Photon Belt
2013-08-26 by seoer3
file belt    (Photon belt), also known as the photon ring, is derived from the contents of faith in the New Age movement. The belief that the solar system revolves around the Pleiades, and the vertical plane of the solar system orbit around the rich presence of high-energy photon-photon belt. Legend of December 22, 2012, the Earth will be completely enters the photon belt, when the sun and the stars will disappear from view, causing up to 2 to 3 days of the polar day or the polar night, the earth's electromagnetic field will collapse, all the atoms will be changed , survival of the human spirit to enhance the ability to get a wide range of human into the "photon era." However, the above phenomenon did not happen, in fact it is not the solar system revolves around the Pleiades, but there is no reliable scientific literature or astronomical observation records show that these objects exist. Photonic band doctrine is not recognized by the international scientific community.
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