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Some file formats described
2013-09-11 by seoer3

file belt   is a PC computer terminology, is a computer information storage encoding different information with different storage formats. File Format (or file type) is a computer for storing information using a special encoding of the information is used to identify the internally stored data. For instance, some save the picture, some stored procedures, and some text messages are stored. Each type of message, can be one or more file formats stored in the computer store. Typically have a file format for each of one or more extension can be used to identify, but may no extension. Extension can help identify the application file format.
From a procedural point of view, the data stream file, the file system is a file format specified for each of the access methods. For example: metadata. Different operating systems are in the habit of using their own way to solve this problem, each method has its own advantages and disadvantages.
Of course, modern operating systems and applications, generally requires the methods described here to handle different file.
For any computer hard drive or storage, the effective information only 0 and 1 two kinds. Therefore, the computer must have a corresponding manner designed information - bit conversion. The different information with different storage formats.

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