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Some of the temporary folder brief
2013-09-11 by seoer3

Temporary  file belt    temporary folder definition is used for temporary files installed. In windowsXP system tray in a total of three temporary folder system temporary folder path: C: \ Windows \ Temp This folder is the Windows system temporary files used to dump the place. In general, multi-user service type is the system software (eg, Exchange Server). Therefore, this folder in the file is very small.
  Computer user account temporary folder: C: \ Documents and Settings \ user name (usually Administrator) \ Local Settings \ Temp directory (default is hidden directory)
This folder is the user application software (eg, winword) dump temporary files where the purpose of the temporary call and write.
① attention to the role of this folder:
Setup: The installation program, the installation program copies all the files compressed package released this folder, and then extraction, if the system is reloading cover the installation, it is prone to "File Not Found ...... setup . exe. check to make sure the path and filename are correct and that the required libraries can use "and" can not run 16-bit windows program "dialog box.
② when running the program: If the program does not build a successful temporary files, the general programmer will run error, can not run the program.

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