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Batch File
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Batch processing, batch processing definition is. Batch file with the extension. bat or. cmd text file that contains one or more commands from the DOS or Windows system embedded command interpreter to interpret run.
A file belt   is a plain text file. At the command prompt, type the name of the batch file, or double-click the batch file, the system will call the Cmd.exe file in accordance with the order of appearance of each command to run them one by one. Using batch files (also known as a batch program or script), you can simplify routine or repetitive tasks.
Batch nature of a bunch of DOS commands in a certain order to form a collection.
Batch processing, also known as a batch script, English translated BATCH, BAT batch file suffix to take the first three letters. Its composition is no fixed format, as long as compliance with the following this on ok: each row can be regarded as a command, where each command can contain multiple sliver command execution from the first line until the end of the last line, which runs a platform is DOS. Batch has a very distinctive features: easy to use, flexible, powerful, high degree of automation.
If there is a way, just write a batch file, it will automatically execute all the commands just that you want to learn it?
When you read this section, I have written a batch file to run successfully the first time, you'll be surprised.
Besides the computer each time it starts looking autoexec.bat this batch file to perform some of each boot command to execute, such as setting the path path, load the mouse driver mouse, disk speed smartdrv, etc., can make your computer truly automated.

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