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Font file with or without virus
2013-10-26 by seoer3
Any document may poison, because virus software bundled by the amount of virus file belt  are generally small, to a few tens of K bytes, bundled into the perceived bad places. 360 is not a panacea, some can be checked out, but any virus can rely on to defend their good habits, such as not some bad sites, unfamiliar sites, not just to accept files from strangers and so on. Suddenly a lot of files inside the lock plate, and how lift
I'm talking about all the folders ah C drive, in addition to Windows and Program Files is not locked, and my permissions are changing for the better after the loading system has been moved in, ah, I do not have a personal computer in addition to one used on my computer, ah, how could this happen. Well, I can only try one by one up! C drive inside because you install a software update or system update born several lockable file is normal. Does not occupy much space, and if you want to delete, make sure can not be deleted. Most of which are deleted.
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