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Diamond wheel mounting balance and trim
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Diamond grinding wheel installation
Special attention should be installed on the grinder wheel. Because of the grinding wheel to work under the conditions of high-speed rotating before use should be carefully checked, the cracks are not allowed. Installed must be firm and should be subject to the adjustment of the static balance in order to avoid personal and quality accidents.
Wheel bore with the grinding wheel shaft or flange OD between, not too tight, or grinding thermal expansion, easy Splitting the grinding wheel, can not be too loose wheel prone eccentric, loss of balance, thus causing the vibration. General with the gap of 0.1 ~ 0.8mm, small high-speed grinding wheel gap. The clamping wheel flange, the diameter of the two flanges should be equal, and the outer diameter should be not less than 1/3 of the wheel diameter. Thick cardboard in between the flange and the disk surface or oil-resistant rubber pad, the pressure is evenly distributed, the nut tightening force is not too large, otherwise the wheel will rupture. Attention to the rotation of the fastening screw, with the spin of the wheel to the contrary, i.e. when the grinding wheel is rotated counterclockwise, with a right hand thread, so that diamond wheel will drive the nut under the action of the grinding force, the more spin, the more compact.
2 wheel balance
General diameter greater than 125mm grinding wheel must be balanced, so that the center of gravity of the diamond wheel coincides with its axis of rotation.
Unbalanced grinding wheel to vibrate in the high-speed rotation, color sound processing quality and precision machine tools, can also cause serious damage to the unit and diamond grinding wheels fragmentation caused by the imbalance of the original trapped wheel various parts of uneven density, geometry The asymmetry and install eccentricity. Therefore should be carried out prior to installing the diamond wheel balancing, wheel balance two kinds of static balance and dynamic balance. A state, just static balance, but must be dynamically balanced the speed mushroom cut (speeds greater than 50m / s) and high constitutive degrees grinding wheel static balance device under Pictured balance wheel mounted on balance mandrel \ then install kindly axis of the grinding wheel flat on the the gimbals balance rail, the cutting wheel will be swinging back and forth, until the swing stops. Balancing of the grinding wheel can be used in any position are stationary.
If the grinding wheel imbalance, the heavier part always go to the following. Removable balance the location of the block to reach equilibrium. Equilibrated wheel mounted to the machine spindle must first crack checks the absolute prohibition of the use of crack grinding wheel installation should be fitted between the wheel and the flange. 5-1 volumes registered elastic pad: two flanges diameter must be equal to its size is generally half the diameter of the grinding wheel. should be some gap between the grinding wheel and the grinding wheel axis or stepped flange to prevent the spindle thermal expansion Splitting the grinding wheel.
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