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Abrasive material on the equipment requirements
2012-09-14 by seoer10

 Today, very abrasive material in the machinery industry concern. In fact, abrasive materials, also known as polishing materials, general polishing paste, sand polishing, polishing, abrasive, abrasives, polishing tools general. The abrasive material belongs to the class of hardware tools. Abrasive materials, abrasive materials typically include: wheel, sandpaper, emery cloth, wire wheels, grinding wheel, Whetstone, grinding disc, grinding, cutting discs, abrasive belt grinding blocks, page round plates, round sponge, cloth round , flax wheel and other abrasive.

        Well, abrasive material equipment requirements, what does?

The electrolytic polishing material is generally a mineral acid and at a higher temperature operation, and hence the polishing groove, a cleaning tank, a cathode, and the heating coil and the exhaust device must be manufactured by the abrasive material can be resistant to polishing.

        1, polyethylene, polypropylene, polyvinyl chloride, glass fiber reinforced epoxy and lined steel tank of the above materials can be used as the electrolytic polishing groove.

Hanger: linked to the outside with a titanium coated sol copper linked with the life of the longest. Due to the abrasive material does not contain chromic acid, phosphor bronze can also be used as a hook.

3, the electrical heating or steam heating coil can choose the following materials:

a, PTFE coil: PTFE heat exchanger tube bundle for steam heating the PTFE coil prices high but long life and electrically neutral. PTFE electrical heating tube for electric heating.

        pure lead or lead-antimony alloy coil: pure lead or lead-antimony alloy can be used as a the electrolytic polishing steam heating coil. To increase the life of the coil, the polishing liquid level in the air at the junction of abrasive materials should be the other lead thickened.

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