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Organic abrasive product launches
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Resin bond diamond cutting wheel book super piece

This cut slice thickness of 0.04 to 0.3 mm. Production difficulties in its thickness than a piece of paper is thinner, and the uniformity of the thickness to be controlled within a few microns; blade is also not too soft, and there is enough rigidity, is sufficient to cut into the hard material; It must also have a sufficient strength, enough to support at high speed, while the wear rate and other requirements. To achieve such a requirement, and depends on the binding agent and process.

2.PVA wheel.

PVA wheel has buffer and porosity can be adjusted, increase the level of surface roughness of the workpiece, especially in does not change the original equipment, under the conditions of the original process, there are some advantages. When the processing of stainless steel, the surface roughness Ra of up to 0.01μm. The processing 38CrMoTi, surface roughness Ra of up to 0.07μm. In processing GCr15 when the surface roughness Ra can be achieved 0.17μm. Zinc plate processing, and a surface roughness Ra can be achieved 0.7μm. Processing printed copper roll, surface roughness Ra of 0.02μm.

3 monolayer high temperature brazing diamond grinding wheel with a single layer of high temperature brazing CBN grinding wheel.

With the traditional multi-layer sintered superhard abrasive tools and abrasive superhard compared to single-layer plating, brazing superhard material tools has the following characteristics: ① abrasives, solder and base chemical metallurgical bonding to improve the abrasive binding agent (the braze alloy material), the matrix among the combination of strength and a long tool life; ② abrasive exposed height (up to the height of the abrasive 70% to ~ 80%), in part with electrostatic plant sand sand with comparable ideal sharp effect; ③ more sharp grinding wheel, large chip space, easy to plug, under the same conditions as the electroplated grinding wheel, grinding force, power consumption, lower grinding temperature was also suggested that we can achieve close to cold the state cutting; the ④ environment significance, currently advocated green manufacturing, the brazing process instead of the traditional electroplated grinding wheel is a kind of can not resist the inevitable trend.

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