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Abrasive disc types
2012-09-17 by seoer10

 Abrasive disc select what, what is the difference between different grinding disc and features? In the past 10 years, with the development of new carrier plate and surface design, as well as special abrasive medium liquid, making the grinding product range greatly increase particulate diamond powder application makes grinding and polishing techniques has been further development.

    The growing development of the processing industry, confirmed the grinding and polishing finishing method has a broad development vision. Switzerland ST? HLI as grinding, polishing, flat honing machine industry leader in the field, with a number of technology patents. Grinding medium is used as auxiliary materials production. Oil as the main medium is generally referred to as grinding oil or oil-soluble grinding fluid, with water or a similar liquid as the main carrier is generally referred to as the basic polishing solution. Abrasive material media generally refers to a ready to use medium, that is, the vehicle and the abrasive grains.
   Abrasive disc types be roughly divided into the following four categories:

(1) Multi-metal plate, in combination 2 to 3 kinds of different metals or sintering.

(2) hardening the working disk, such as hardened cast iron, hardened steels, hardened ceramic, etc., hardness up 500HB;

(3) soft working cutting disc, such as paper, cloth, felt, asphalt, plastics, wood, tin, aluminum, copper, etc.;

(4) hard disk, such as cast iron, mild steel, soft ceramic, etc., in the hardness range of 140 ~ 229HB;

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