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Amplitude of the surface roughness
2012-12-28 by seoer10

Axial ultrasonic vibration drilling tiny holes were used ordinary drilling and different amplitude, then cut the hole, light cutting method to measure the surface roughness of the hole wall. Found that the surface roughness Rz of the vibration drilling hole processing with ordinary drilling are very different, and Rz is closely related with the amplitude. Figure 1 is the measurement result, a = 0 as an ordinary drilling. Test conditions: the the HSS straight shank twist drill diameter f0.32mm, rotational speed n = 7100r/min, feed rate f0 = 0.003mm / r,abrasive tools, vibration frequency F0 = 20kHz, workpiece material for 18Cr2Ni4WA low carbon alloy steel; When the amplitude of a select in within 0.5 m ~ 1 m, the surface roughness Rz lowest amplitude select the appropriate surface roughness comparable to ordinary drilling decreased by 50%. Bit wear Generally speaking, the more severe, the greater the hole surface roughness Rz. Ordinary drilling, grinding disc,the hole surface roughness increases with the increase of the length of the drill cumulative drilling, but in the axial ultrasonic vibration of the drilling hole surface roughness increase of the trend is very slow

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