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The superhard abrasive superhard abrasive
2013-01-14 by seoer10
Superhard abrasive superhard abrasive employing caused diamond or cubic boron nitride abrasive made of superhard abrasive, system abrasive another big series. Superhard abrasive having the following characteristics with the labeled: concentration, binding agent, particle size, velcro disc,abrasive grades, the thickness of the abrasive grain layer, pore size, total thickness, diameter, shape code The above features and markings are in accordance with the 1998 National abrasives standardization technology Committee provisions for each standard in the preparation of the China Machinery Industry Standard, published by the China Press, about concentration: the Bonded Abrasives organizational No. roughly the same, but in superhard abrasive flag should be marked. The so-called concentration is superhard abrasive the CM3 volume contained within the number of grams of super abrasive% number the concentration code as follows: Code abrasive content (G/CM3) of concentration 250.2225% 500.4450% 750.6675% 1000.88100% 1501.32150% About binding agents: refers to the type of binding agent used in the superhard abrasive. The binders Code as follows: the binder binding agent codenamed resin binder B metal binders M ceramic binder V.Bonded abrasives
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