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Diamond form grinding wheel dressing roller grinding method
2012-09-20 by seoer10
   The trimming institutions in the grinding wheel rack. When trimming, diamond wheel rotation and for cut sports; wheel dressing while working speed rotation. The wheel dressing this method has the following characteristics:
    1) the production of high North, and ease of automation. Mostly to cut into the process to achieve a trim, trimming time public need seconds, the simple structure of the wheel dresser, easy to achieve automatic control, therefore, particularly suitable for mass production.
    2) low cost. Diamond roller dressing a short time, long life, usually in the thousands to tens of thousands of times as high as up to hundreds of thousands of times, therefore, the use of low cost.
    3) high precision. Diamond wheel to achieve accuracy levels are shown in Table 01. Precision easy to maintain, it is trimming the grinding wheel china grinding workpiece accuracy has also been a corresponding improvement.
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