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Ceramic bonded grinding wheel position in the development of modern industrial
2013-03-30 by seoer3

With the development of science and technology, high-strength, high wear resistance, high hardness, high temperature resistant, lightweight new materials continue to emerge, while machining also to the continuous development of high-quality, high-precision, high-efficiency, automation direction, resin bond diamond grinding is increasingly unable to meet the above requirements, the emerging abrasive appear vitrified bond diamond wheel to solve these problems.
Vitrified bond diamond wheel with high strength, good heat resistance, sharp cutting, high grinding efficiency, grinding process is not easy fever and clogging, a small amount of thermal expansion, in order to control the machining accuracy. Compared with resin bonded grinding wheel, he solved the low life of the resin diamond wheel, grinding efficiency is low, the abrasive itself variability in the grinding process. It is based on the above-mentioned advantages of ceramic grinding wheel bond diamond wheel, it appears immediately developed countries in Europe and America widely used in the wafer (semiconductor silicon and solar wafers), polycrystalline diamond compact, polycrystalline diamond, diamond  tools, cubic nitride boron, tungsten steel (alloy), new engineering structural ceramics, precious stones, crystal, rare earth materials (magnetic materials) high machining of hard and brittle materials, and achieved good economic benefits.

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