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Pneumatic tools grinding machine articles
2013-05-04 by seoer3
Pneumatic grinder also known as pneumatic grinder, its basic components by the body group, transmission group, Accessories Group is composed of three parts. By high-pressure gas (Air tools general working environment requirements of the gas pressure in 0.63MP) drive motor, sent by air motor eccentric device, the pneumatic grinding disk to maintain planetary motion, usually with pneumatic grinder grinding disc 2-inch grinding plate 3 inch grinding plate 6-inch 5-inch grinding plate grinding disc specifications. Uses and applications of pneumatic grinding machine (pneumatic grinder) Industry: The processing of wood furniture, machinery and equipment processing industry rust lighting, high-intensity grinding wheel industry jobs, automotive sheet metal, putty grinding abrasive manufacture. Impact of bad questions pneumatic grinding machine (pneumatic grinder): Blade wear in pneumatic tools, bearing damage, damage to the Woodruff key, disc bearing damage Pneumatic grinder Maintenance note: 1) before and after each time you use a tool by the tool air inlet filling 3 to 4 drops of dedicated air and maintenance of oil and idling for 2-3 seconds in order to reduce wear and extend tool life. 2) ensure that the gas source supply tools dry and free of impurities, the gas pressure is normal. 3) regular cleaning, refueling and maintenance, the timely replacement of worn-out parts abrasive belt.
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