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Three processes of grinding tools
2012-09-24 by seoer10

Tool grinding and grinding a big difference, workers grinding mill is purely a manual grinder through processing. And the technical requirements of the operator will be higher than ordinary grinding. Other factors such as the extent of grindstone particle size selection and trimming, the amount of feed, and so on, are the need to rely on the experience of the operator to determine.

      Grinding tools are generally divided into three categories, roughing, finishing and clear corner.

      The kibble is usually chosen 46 # grain grinding wheel china, is to cut the workpiece grinding to the required size, to achieve the desired flatness and finish can be.

      The fine grinding usually use 100 # or 120 # wheel, in addition to the fine grinding plane, sometimes you have to grind the trough. Shape retention property of the grinding wheel also has a higher requirements.

      Clearance angle is about 320 # dedicated wheel dressing to a thin thickness, such as 0.02mm, and then cut out groove, and then be trimmed, the bottom diameter of the groove will need to be flushed to R0.03mm

      These three processes require skilled operator operating techniques, so that it enables grinding to achieve the best results.

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