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disc sand
2013-07-15 by seoer3

1 disc sand with sandpaper polished processed into round slices, can be divided into two kinds of velvet and double-sided adhesive stickers. For polishing metal parts, plastics, auto parts, when used sandpaper than faster. Newly developed disc sand lubricating properties, wear resistance, heat resistance compared with GC-type graphite cloth greatly improved its overall performance makes GC-type 2-3 times more than the use of the device can be given belt more suburban protection, reducing the frequency of replacement parts, bear much higher work rate and the rural economy rural interests. 2
grinding disc Process description. Workpiece surface profile grinding, difficult. However, the use of a flexible belt can easily process a variety of complex surfaces, the inner radius of curvature of only 3mm fillet, belt can be polished. But for some specific products such as aircraft engines plates, turbine blades, vanes navigation, condenser lamp bowls, mirrors, cutlery, handle, plumbing appliances, etc. are available for efficient high-quality abrasive polishing process.

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