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Grinder with a grinding wheel characteristics
2012-10-14 by seoer10

      Due to the dramatic friction of the grinding zone temperature is very high. This will cause the workpiece to produce stress and deformation, and even cause surface burns. Grinding injected a large amount of coolant to reduce the grinding temperature. The coolant also played the role of chip removal and lubrication.

      The radial force in the grinding greatly. This will cause the machine - grinding wheel- workpiece system flexibility concession, the actual depth of cut is less than the nominal depth of cut. Grinding to be completed should not feed for light grinding to eliminate errors.

      Blunt of abrasive grinding, grinding force also increases, resulting in broken or come off abrasive, re-exposed sharp edge, this feature is called "self-sharpening". Self-sharpening grinding normally carried out within a certain time, but should be carried out over a certain time after the manual trimming to avoid grinding force increases caused by vibration, noise and damage to the workpiece surface quality.

      Since the cutting wheel abrasive itself has a high hardness and heat resistance, so grinding can be processed very high hardness of the material, such as hardened steel, carbide, etc..

      Grinding wheel and grinding characteristics determine the differences of the grinding process. If ap = 0.001 ~ 0.005mm; grinding at high speeds, up to 30 ~ 50m / s, when the grinder is suitable for hydraulic transmission. The grinding can be quickly and economically obtain a high machining accuracy and a small surface roughness. Because of this, the finishing of the various parts should this procedure by grinding.

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