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   Wheel "> resin grinding wheel cutting performance is affected by the shape, balance and other effects:
We start with the analysis of the thickness, the thickness is large cut slit width, wheel consumption; when the intensity is assured, the thickness is as small as possible, saving and saving material to be cut wheel material; parallelism large, kerf width is determined by thickest determine the strength determined by the thinnest, cutting wear large and vibrations, affecting the entire cutting process. When the wheel center thickness, edge thickness h, the cutting process will be  grinding wheel side is cut workpieces. Like a wedge, like artificial parts to be "stuck", so, resin grinding wheel can be made thin in the middle, surrounded by thick is reasonable state.
When the resin wheel runout large, early in the cutting vibration, could easily lead to wheel off the block, impact strength and cutting, but cutting automatically after finishing, the overall impact is small.
When the resin wheel end to the beating large, cutting back and forth, cutting width larger. Material to be cut unnecessary consumption and more consumption of naturally big wheel, big impact.
The more unbalanced, the cutting vibration, could easily lead to wheel off the block, the impact strength.
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