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Ceramic casing and its application market analysis
2012-12-09 by seoer10

The zirconia ceramic sleeve is a core member of the optical fiber adapter and components RECEPTACLE. 2000 international Kyocera (Kyocera), Toto (Toto),abrasive tools, several Japanese companies to master zirconia ceramic sleeve complete production technology, Japan has not been to our transfer zirconia ceramic sleeve technology.

With domestic optical communication market development the ceramic sleeve growing demand, in order to reduce costs and increase the competitive advantage of their products, the country pay attention to the localization of the zirconia ceramic sleeve, so the "Tenth Five" national "863" zirconia ceramic sleeve massive domestic technology in high-tech development plan, "fiber ceramic ferrule connector with zirconia powder" and "Fibre for connectors support. State Key Laboratory of Shanghai Institute of Ceramics, Tsinghua University ceramic domestic units engaged in the study of zirconia sleeve.

After several years of development, the domestic enterprises and research units have mastered the precision machining of ceramic zirconia powder to the casing complete production technology. The technical progress of the ceramic sleeve is mainly reflected in the substantial increase of the quality of the zirconia nano-powder and zirconia ceramic sleeve reduce breakage during use and life improved. Nano-zirconia materials used for manufacturing ceramic ferrule and sleeve has long been Japan's monopoly, Japan Tosoh Corporation and Sumitomo Osaka Cement Company production of zirconia powder with high purity, low sintering temperature, high-density, high material strength In the past, our production quality zirconia powder with a wide gap between Japanese products Friends of can not be used in the production of the ferrule and sleeve. Failed zirconia powder production ceramic ferrule or sleeve, long-term use of the product, the ferrule end face of the rough, so that the the ferrule insertion loss significantly increase; while the casing on the decline of strength due to aging, sets tube breakage.

Over the past decade, China's zirconia ceramic sleeve production capacity, production technology and product quality has been a very large increase, domestic zirconia powder improving the quality of raw materials, to promote the localization of the ceramic batch and fully grasp the ferrule sets The tube full precision machining production technology, product quality has basically reached the level of Japanese products, various types of domestic ceramic casing production optical communication adapter fully meet the needs of a variety of occasions from high-end to low-end.cutting wheel

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