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Grinding stainless steel should pay attention to what
2012-12-25 by seoer10

Wheel dressing should be timely, coarse grinding wheel to trim coarse, fine grinding grinding wheel should always be kept sharp to avoid overheating burns. Corner on both sides of the grinding wheel after dressing allowed burr.

Low surface roughness grinding, coarse fine grinding, fine grinding margin generally stay preferably 0.05 mm, can be left 0.1 mm workpiece clamping error.

Grinding process must be cooled sufficiently to take away a lot of grinding heat and erosion, and to prevent the grinding wheel the blockage and workpiece surface burns. Coolant must be clean, not mixed with debris or sand, to avoid workpiece nap. The cooling liquid of the grinding of stainless steel, generally used in the cooling performance of the preferred emulsion, or containing the extreme pressure additive and a small surface tension of the cooling liquid. The flow rate is 20 ~ 40 L / min, the grinding wheel diameter is large, 80 L / min.flap wheel

Stainless steel grinding allowance should take a small diameter cylindrical grinding, grinding allowance of 0.15 ~ 0.3 mm, fine grinding margin of 0.05 mm. Basically the same margin of internal grinding and cylindrical grinding. Surface grinding on a small area of ??the rigidity of good parts, the the unilateral left margin of 0.15 to 0.2 mm, poor rigidity, large area parts, unilateral stay grinding allowance 0.25 ~ 0.3 mm.

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