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Grinding stainless choice of the grinding wheel
2012-10-08 by seoer10

Grinding stainless steel the hardness of the grinding wheelis generally in the range of C ~ N, wherein J, K, L, M used in grinding wheels. Microcrystalline corundum grinding wheel end face grinding, the choice of the hardness of J appropriate. In addition, the large diameter inner hole grinding or grinding with a grinding wheel face contact surface of the grinding wheel manufacture and the workpiece, the grinding wheel is easy passivation lower hardness of the grinding wheel to be elected; when Grinding forming surface, should be an appropriate increase in the hardness of the wheel Otherwise, wheel wear faster and destruction wheel-type surface accuracy; grinding hollow and the walls were very thin workpieces, workpiece easily deformed, and therefore should be softer wheel; grinding discontinuous surface, abrasive easy to fall off, should use harder wheels.
The toughness of stainless steel, strong adhesion, to avoid grinding wheel clogged grinding, grinding wheel organization to be elected to more loose, generally 5-8, appropriate. Should be used in the organization more closely the grinding wheel the back eat knife large contact area, to be elected the organization loose wheel, low surface roughness Ra value requirements or form grinding.

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