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Mini wifi
2013-10-30 by seoer3
I have a  mini flap disc , I would not use ah , is not he must want to use the wireless network card before they can use , not just plug a wireless card inserted lines show that he is not an open connection , but the connection was successful but not on the net? Enter the IP address in the browser , the browser automatically pop up here? My computer is not connected to the router is the network of others , can use mini wifi ah ! Use , you can use it as a wireless card and wireless AP to use , when the wireless LAN network cable when connected to your computer's wired network card , into the management interface set about , when the wireless AP when used on a network cable connected to a router or switch , into the management interface to set about, set see instruction manual. Relatively simple. I just installed one such host. Like you, prepare for LCD TV , I was on top of the TV . Only one extension cord mouse , a PC remote control . Taobao search for mini chassis with power supply , many, best to have a 120W power supply. Note mini chassis size , recommended Liren -E Series chassis , dimensions : 190 ( W ) * 60 ( height ) * 215 ( depth ) mm. Taobao search for mini motherboard 17 * 17 , 17 * 17 mini motherboard specifications , it is best integrated cpu, because such low power consumption.
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