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Ordinary sheet wheel
2012-10-11 by seoer10

Stable performance of high-grade sheet wheel, targeted, reproducible, commonly used in the production of a sand and special products even use zirconium corundum, calcined abrasive corundum and post-processing. Market dominated by imported products, the production of high sheet majority of the cost is not high, little discrimination, pertinence, still need further research and development efforts.

If a sand, cost is very low, almost ordinary sheet wheel there is no profit, the commonly used two sand instead. The two so-called sand, corundum enough abrasive standard alumina content of about 80%, good quality two sand, also known as a times, from different localities, the two batches sand quality fluctuations range large. The main problem is the grinding wheel of two sand production sheet wheel unstable performance of the grinding flap wheel, the same formula of different batches of abrasive produced poor reproducibility, good times and bad, affect the brand reputation. Actual production by visually or with a magnifying glass, microscope to identify abrasive products, their classification and other classes, and then combine the necessary grinding tests, compared to summarize and accumulated experience, and gradually establish effective enterprise standard, production scheduling and quality control has guiding significance.

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