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What is the meaning of non-woven fabric
2013-11-05 by seoer3
It does not require a fabric formed by weaving yarn , just short fibers or filaments of textile orientation or randomly arranged to form a fiber network structure, and mechanical , thermal or chemical methods such as reinforcement is made . It is the direct use of polymer chips , staple fiber or filament fiber network formed through a variety of methods and techniques of consolidation form with soft , breathable and flat structure of the new fiber products. Definition of non-woven fabric  non woven abrasive  (nonwoven), also known as non-woven , non-woven . Orientation or randomly arranged fibers by friction , cohesion , or adhesion or a combination of these methods with each other into a sheet , web or batt of fiber . Does not include paper and woven fabrics , knitted fabrics , tufted textile fabrics , stitching yarns with a knit stitch and wet felting felts ( regardless of whether such products through acupuncture reinforcement ) . Fibers may be natural or chemical processing , can be short fibers, filaments or the formation of fibrous spot . Note: 1, the wet nonwoven fabric and the difference between the wet paper making non-woven fabric should meet the following conditions : a, the fiber composition in the ratio of length to diameter of the fibers is greater than 300 ( not including the chemical cooking plant fibers ) accounted for 50 % of the mass ; b, the fiber composition of length to diameter ratio greater than 300 fibers ( not including the chemical cooking of plant fiber ) accounted for 30 % of the mass , and the density of less than 0.4 / c m ⒊ 2, without that the viscose fibers are plant fibers by chemical cooking .
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