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Chemical resistance and thermal conductivity of the CBN wheel is how
2012-11-30 by seoer10

CBN grinding wheel hardness than ordinary abrasive. High hardness means cutting more and more sharp; CBN has a high abrasion resistance, which means it is more difficult than conventional abrasive wear; ability to keep the abrasive shape is one of the main features of the CBN as a high-performance abrasive, then for The CBN wheel a cutting wheel chemical properties is how?
a good thermal conductivity. Corundum grinding wheel CBN wheel thermal conductivity up to several times to a hundred times, and thus be able to grinding heat quickly exported, reducing workpiece thermal deformation. A low thermal conductivity material grinding is very appropriate. Various spraying (welding) Material: nickel-based, iron-based; cast iron class materials: vanadium - titanium, cast iron, high-phosphorus iron, chilled cast iron; titanium alloy:
chemically inert b.CBN grindstone. CBN is not easy to produce a chemical reaction and iron-group elements, so for a variety of high-speed steel, tool steel, die steel, high alloy hardened steel, chrome steel, nickel alloys, powder metallurgy steels and high temperature alloys and other high-temperature, high hardness grinding of the material of low thermal conductivity is very appropriate. Introduce some chemical properties of the CBN wheel.

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