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End mill cog
2013-02-24 by seoer10

Cog end mill is the same as the standard end mill, but with replaceable carbide inserts.grinding disc
Tip: cog end cutter for higher speed cutting carbide metal. This diameter of the tool a very wide range, to achieve a greater depth of the cutting. This is very useful, but in the use of the tool, it is best to calculate the cutting power required. Haas control device, this is just a piece of cake: the front panel has a button labeled "HELP / CALC". Press the button to open the Help menu, and press it again to open the calculator function. PAGE UP / PAGE DOWN keys to scroll between the following three pages: trigonometry help, and circular interpolation help, as well as milling help. Each page in the upper left corner there is a simple calculator. Milling on the help page, for solving the three equations:

1. SFM = (tool diameter [inch]) * RPM * 3.14159 / 12
2 (chip load [inch]) = (feed speed [inch / min]) / RPM / number of slots
3 (feed rate [inch / min]) = RPM / (pitch)abrasive tools

Three equations, you can enter the known parameters, the control device will calculate and display the remaining unknown. Calculate cutting power required, you must enter the RPM, feed rate, the number of slots, cutting depth, cutting width and choose from the menu of a material. If you change the value of any of the above, the calculator will automatically update the cutting power required.

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