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What are the characteristics of the resin wheels
2012-12-03 by seoer10

Resin grinding wheel is a high strength, can be added to strengthen the fiber network and reinforced in the wheel. Resin bond grinding wheel is a demand for larger tools. It is a good performance of the grinding wheel, and a wide range of applications. What are the characteristics of the resin grinding wheel?
1, it is used in superalloys, stainless steel, metal, ceramics, ceramic products, glass products, limonite, high-speed steel, alloy tool as well as many other new superhard materials ideal tools for grinding. There are a variety of special resin bond diamond wheel is used for rapid cold cutting. These wheels, cutting wheel,particularly applicable to carbide tools (e.g., saws, cutting machines, drilling tools, end mills, etc.), grinding.
2, which is the use of terephthalic acid and a polyamide or other resin as a binder, the glue a tool by the diamond or cubic nitrogen boron millbase (CBN) with the inorganic filler. This tool is being effectively used in a variety of grinding operation, such as surface grinding, cylindrical centerless grinding, grooving and inner circle grinding.
Resin grinding wheel can also be used carbide dies, rollers and carbonation wear parts, precision grinding operations. Resin bond grinding wheels are preferred of the precision machining and grinding of tungsten carbide and ceramic products thermal sprayed layer of the ceramic article. Resin bond grinding wheel can also be used in conjunction with the CBN for grinding high-speed steel, tool and die steel and more than FtRC50 superalloys.
Because of the above advantages of resin grinding wheel, so it's a very wide range of applications. Resin grinding wheel development space and development prospects are very good.

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