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Diamond thick film welding tool
2012-12-16 by seoer10
The diamond thick film production process of the welding tool generally include: The preparation of a large area of ??the diamond film; diamond film was cut into the shape and dimensions of the tool; diamond thick film with the tool base material of the welding; the grinding and polishing of the cutting edge of diamond thick film .
Preparation and cutting of thick diamond films
Commonly used in the preparation process of the diamond thick DC plasma jet CVD method. The diamond is deposited to a WC + Co alloy (surface subjected to mirror processing), in the cooling process of the substrate, the diamond film is automatically shed. This method is the deposition speed (up to 930μm / h), the lattice binding between more closely, but the growth of the surface is relatively rough. The diamond films of high hardness, wear-resistant, non-conductive to determine it the cutting method is a laser cutting (cutting in the environment of air, oxygen and argon). Laser cutting can not only diamond thick film was cut into a desired shape and size, can also be cut out of the rear corners of the tool, with a narrow kerf, efficiency and other advantages.abrasive tools
Diamond Thick Film Cutters Welding
Between diamond and metals and their alloys having a high interfacial energy, resulting in diamond can not be generally low-melting alloy infiltration, weldability Terrible. Now primarily to add a strong carbide forming element or through the metalization process of the diamond surface to improve the weldability between the diamond and the metal in the copper-silver alloy solder.
Active brazing method
Solder generally use a copper-silver alloy containing Ti, without flux in an inert gas or in vacuum soldering. Common component solder Ag = 68.8wt%, Cu = 26.7wt%, Ti = 4.5 wt%, the preparation method is commonly used in the arc melting method and powder metallurgy. Ti as active elements in the welding process and C reflect the generation of TiC can be improved diamond and the solder wettability and bonding strength. The heating temperature usually is 850 ℃, incubated for 10 minutes, slow cooling in order to reduce internal stress.grinding disc
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