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Highly efficient tool
2013-02-25 by seoer10

The best example of the application of scientific theory is the development of ultra-hard materials, including polycrystalline diamond and polycrystalline cubic boron nitride. The workpiece, they can reach several thousand surface feet per minute, offers users incredible efficiency and cost savings.cutting wheel

The PCD benefit the real machining abrasive materials, such as high-silicon aluminum alloy, copper beryllium alloys, composites and even tungsten carbide. Polycrystalline diamond is often used as an expensive steel (hardness 45-75Rc) grinding operation. Polycrystalline diamond can also be used in many iron content of less than 10% of the cast iron type. The application of traditional cast iron brake discs. A single polycrystalline diamond cutting edges can be provided to the 5000sfpm machining the thousands hundreds brake, while maintaining excellent dimensional tolerances, a high surface accuracy.cut off wheel

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