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Low efficiency of ceramic grinding force of grinding wheel works
2012-09-23 by seoer10
       of the grinding force, the grinding efficiency is low
      The ceramic materials grinding tangential the grinding force Fc radial grinding force Fp ratio Fc / Fp <0.1. Than grinding steel the small Xin (Fc / Fp = 0.3-0.5). I.e. radial grinding force Fp effect, and thus the force in the grinding wheel axis, so that the elastic deformation of the grinding wheel axis to increase, and prone to vibration affecting the machined surface quality. To this end, it is often to reduce the grinding wheel china, and cause the decrease of grinding efficiency.
       after grinding will cause a reduction in strength of the ceramic parts
      Little decrease in intensity of the General metal parts after grinding. While the strength of the parts after the grinding of ceramic materials with different grinding conditions. If the particle size of the abrasive, the time and part of the load conditions of the working environment and so influential.
      ① diamond grinding grain, grinding workpiece surface roughness also changes the flexural strength of the part. Si3N4, SiC, AlN, and ceramic parts such as the surface roughness values ??of approximately 1 micron, the strength of the parts will be reduced, the greater the surface roughness value, the bending strength is lower.
      ② the time of the load acting on the ceramic parts longer, the smaller the breaking stress of the ceramic parts, the lower the intensity. Usually ceramic parts of the workpiece very long time, and is the work, therefore, the actual intensity of the ceramic parts is lower than expected in a high temperature gas.
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