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No belt may "type"
2013-09-16 by seoer3

Autumn and winter outfit with many little annoyances, bloated physique fear you, afraid dark color it, for fear were so small it ...... you ever thought about a  narrow belt    shape can easily solve the above problems? The belt has a wide variety of different decorative role, together look!
01 wild sense of design but without losing the effect of wide girdle highly practical, look model will know. The same set of clothes, just change the girdle with the way it feels to wear clothing of two different shapes. Gentle inside the ride were tall, outside the ride remarkable fashion waist, the effect is amazing.
In order to have room to accommodate an extra layer under winter's Leggings, MM who often choose slightly loose outside the pants. But the legs are loose, waist becomes less fit. Practical section of the belt with a retro feel worth pondering printing decorate, even if occasionally feel exposed from under the hem exquisite. European and American style full of rock, its bold design avant-garde who drew much loved. When the T-shirt and leggings seemed something was lacking between, empty little embarrassed, let long tassels rocker belt to act as agents run it! The full sense of the tidal pull the wind!
Commuter dress can be "eager" to describe, neither too gorgeous avant-garde, but also unwilling to silence this bleak. Pick a good one dazzling belt, fired several bright diamond with just the right sweet candy colors, will be to enhance the texture of the key details.
There is a strong sense of wide girdle, effectively closing fine visual waistline, your delicate surprise them tall, so that the original shape of ordinary moments to be sublimated, jump out of the daily rules, firmly grasp the street all the attention .

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